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The Importance of Professional Cleaners for Blood Remediation and Trauma Cleanup in Denver, CO

Sometimes natural disasters can seem manageable compared to the trauma of a crime scene or a grisly accident. Both categories of disaster, however, need professional action to right the damage done. When it comes to trauma situations, the materials left behind can be damaging and toxic. In many cases, biohazards are a significant danger present at a trauma scene, and without professional remediation, these materials can linger and cause long-term hazards. For these situations, ServiceMaster DSI provides comprehensive trauma cleanup in Denver, CO.

One severe problem that is often associated with trauma scenes is blood. Accidents, crime scenes, and any other situations involving injury or death are likely to have blood present at the location. The dangers of blood are very real, and the people and structures exposed may face severe consequences without proper mitigation.

Bloodborne Pathogens: Diseases carried in blood can remain contagious for up to two weeks after a trauma situation occurs. These dangerous pathogens include these major viruses and bacteria:

  • HIV, the notorious virus that leads to the development of AIDS is carried in blood. Blood cells containing HIV can transmit the virus even after all visible blood is removed.
  • Hepatitis B, an infection in the liver, is caused by HBV, another well known bloodborne virus. Exposure to cells infected with HBV greatly increases the danger of contracting chronic infections that could lead to longterm serious health problems.
  • Hepatitis C is another virus that affects the liver. This bloodborne pathogen affects more than three million people in the US with chronic symptoms.
  • MRSA is a bloodborne bacteria strain that resists most antibiotic treatments. It can cause skin infections, pneumonia, and a wide range of other severe conditions.

Remaining Blood: Aside from the immediate health risks that blood at a trauma scene pose, there can be severe longterm effects if professional action is not taken. Our qualified trauma remediation technicians will take action to fully remediate the scene and eliminate the possibilities of the following results of remaining blood.

  • Damage to building materials and furnishings is highly likely if blood is allowed to linger for extended periods of time. This can easily be avoided if a professional trauma cleanup team addresses the scene. Our expert cleanup technicians can fully remove all traces of blood, protecting your home or business from longterm damage.
  • Odors can also be an issue if qualified professionals do not perform a comprehensive blood cleanup. Because blood is an organic material, decay and the smells that come with it are inevitable if particles are allowed to remain at the scene.
  • Diseases from bloodborne pathogens are one danger of lingering blood, but many other bacteria, viruses, and contaminants can be at a trauma scene where blood is present. These dangerous materials will increase the chances of disease in those exposed if proper remediation action is not taken.

For more information about the importance of blood remediation and our services in trauma cleanup in Denver, CO, contact ServiceMaster DSI at (844) 413-3130 today.