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Mold Remediation

Health Hazards of Mold And Why You Should Have A Mold Inspection As Soon As Possible!

Has your home or office located near Los Angeles ever had a mold inspection? Because if you are not aware, there are numerous hazardous health effects associated with indoor mold such as that uncomfortable cough/sore throat, annoying sinus congestion, alarming chest tightness, having a hard time breathing, stubborn upper respiratory tract infections, throbbing headaches, irritation of the skin and eyes, the list goes on. So if you suspect mold to your home or office getting a mold inspection as soon as possible is a must to avoid these unwanted health hazards!

While some individuals may not notice any of these annoying health hazards and may have a higher tolerance for mold, others are not so fortunate such as infants and children, elderly people, individuals prone to allergies or asthma and may feel the amplified dangerous health effects of that unwanted indoor mold lurking around your home or office.

Steps to Reduce Mold in the Home

No one should have to suffer from the dangerous health hazards associated with indoor mold. The health of you, your loved ones or your co workers is far too important to put at risk. There are a few steps you can take right now if you suspect mold of any kind in your home or office to stop the mold problem from getting worse:

  • Keep humidity levels as low as possible, no higher than 50%.
  • Make sure the environment is adequately ventilated by using exhaust fans or opening windows to allow fresh air in (if weather permits!)
  • Fix leaks in the roof, walls or plumbing as soon as you notice them so that mold doesn’t have moisture to grow.
  • Clean and dry out your home thoroughly and as fast as possible should a flood occur (whether it’s from the laundry, dish washer, pipe, etc).
  • Use mold-killing products when cleaning (especially in the bathroom).
  • Remove or replace carpets and upholstery that has been soaked and is not drying promptly. Also avoid using carpet in areas like bathrooms or basements that may have a lot of moisture.

Taking these necessary precautions are just a few ways to minimize the mold from growing. However, often times mold can grow in places that can’t be seen visually and can also creep up with no obvious signs. That’s why it’s very important that you contact a mold removal company and get a mold inspection as soon as possible to ensure a safe environment.

Our Mold remediation experts at Service Master Restore Los Angeles are fully trained in removing all different types of mold such asstachybotrys aka black mold removal, aspergillus removal, cladosporium removal, etc. Our mold removal experts know exactly what to do to remove the mold source and stop the problem from getting out of hand. Our experts use the latest mold technology to find all sources of mold and remove them as promptly as possible to protect you and your loved ones.

Technologically Advanced Mold Removal Services

A thorough evaluation is conducted of the entire environment where mold is suspected and our experts do whatever it takes to get the environment safe again. We make it our mission to get your environment mold free as quickly as possible including taking all the necessary steps to control and prevent cross contamination or the mold from spreading to other areas. We then remove all sources of mold using the latest equipment to ensure the a complete, thorough, accurate job. Your safety is our number one concern.

Mold inspection costs are so minor compared to the costs of health problems associated with mold. So if you suspect mold, don’t risk the health of yourself or your loved ones, give the high trained professionals at Service Master Restore Los Angeles a phone call today at 805-388-1409 or simply visit our contact form HERE.

Here’s to the health of you and your loved ones!