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Different Types of Biohazard Cleaning

It’s easy to get stuck on the idea of blood when you think about biohazard cleaning. However, blood cleanup is less than half of all biohazard instances — and some of what does need cleaning up might surprise you.

Tear Gas

Tear gas isn’t often put to use by police, but every time they do use the vicious vapors, the call goes out to the local experts in biohazard cleaning.  Cleanup crews have to scrub every surface and deep-clean the porous surfaces — if they don’t, the residual substances on a surface can harm anyone who comes into contact.

Meth Labs

Cooking up methamphetamines is a chemically nasty process, and locales that have been used as meth labs used to be automatically condemned and torn down — nowadays, however, the biohazard cleaners  have specialized techniques they can use to ‘rescue’ a building from the damages cause by the process of making methamphetamines. It’s a fairly intense and slow process, but it saves a lot of money compared to demolishing a property and creating a new one.

Hoarding and Filth

There’s nothing quite like getting a glance of a hoarder’s ‘home’. And when such a person passes away, is jailed, or otherwise moves on, it’s up to the biohazard crews to go in and remove the multiple layers of filth that has accumulated. As there is trash, food, dirt, soil, mites, and quite possibly dead rodents living within the vicinity.

Biohazard cleaning is quite a broad term and doesn’t always relate to toxic chemical spills, they may also include items such as blood, oil, debris, and a variety of other scenarios and liquids that require specialized care. For more information about biohazard cleanup services, contact ServiceMaster Restoration Services for assistance.