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Possible Sources of Tallahassee Sewage Backup Damage

When your Tallahassee sewer backs up, the mess that results can be difficult to deal with. Whether the water appears clear and clean or not, hidden contaminants that could cause severe health issues may be present. If you need sewer backup cleanup in your Tallahassee property, we recommend against attempting to do it yourself unless you are trained in best practices for treating biohazard materials. If you have standing water or affected walls, cabinetry, and other materials, it is always best to call in the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration Services.

The most typical causes of Tallahassee sewer backups include:

  • Clogging in pipes is perhaps the most obvious source of a sewer backup. Many items that folks toss down the sink of flush are not actually safe to send down the drain. Coffee grounds, grease from cooking, hair, or cleaning wipes—all of these are potential culprits for clogged drains. Take care to only put appropriate items down the drains so you won’t cause Tallahassee sewer backup cleaning.
  • Trees are another common cause of sewer backups. Tree roots seek out water sources, especially in hot summer months, and your water lines to the street are very convenient. When roots break into your pipes, the trees thrive, but this is both costly for the homeowner, and you run a higher risk of experience Tallahassee sewer backup damage.
  • For an older home, there is also a risk that the pipes have simply broken down over time. Broken pipes mean that the water or sewage is unable to follow its normal course, and the disrupted flow may result in a sewer backup in your Tallahassee home.

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, our professional licensed water damage restoration experts are available 24-hours a day to fully restore your home after a disaster. We thoroughly clean, sanitize and restore the property. Call now for immediate service.