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Various Types of Smoke Damage

When a fire breaks out, you are to believe that the flame of a fire is the primary source of damages. But that is not entirely true, as flames and heat of a blaze can cause damage, one of the biggest contributors to damages during a fire is smoke. Smoke can burn items, penetrate into materials causing discoloration and odors, and leave behind caustic residue buildup.

In a fire there can actually be a variety of different types of smoke that can be created and cause damages. Below is a short list of common smoke types that can be created when certain items are burned.

  • Wet Smoke: This type of smoke is created in a slow, low temperature fire. It is called “wet smoke” because it can create a thick, sticky film of residue that can buildup on surfaces causing damages and emitting heavy smoke odors. This type of smoke buildup is also the most difficult to clean and remove from belongings and structures.
  • Dry Smoke: When a fire reaches high temperatures, “dry smoke” is created. Dry smoke has a fine, powdery-like consistency and due to this form it can easily be cleaned from solid surfaces. The only time you must be concerned about dry smoke is when the powdery-like substance becomes trapped in cracks or porous surfaces, where it can emit musky smoke odors and become highly difficult to remove.
  • Protein Smoke: When food or other organic materials are burned, it can create “protein smoke”. This type of smoke can create soot that is hard to visibly see, but easy to feel. It’s generally light in color, but can permanently discolor wood surfaces and the odors it emits can be a bit overwhelming
  • Petroleum Smoke: When oils or oil-based substances are burned, petroleum smoke is produced. This type of smoke is dark in appearances and will discolor and stain any material it touches. Fortunately, due to it being oil-based, this type of smoke may be able to be cleaned with a degreasing agent.

Hopefully we’ve been able to provide some insight on the types of smoke damages that can occur during a fire outbreak. But when you need professional restoration services for fire and smoke damages in select areas of Georgia (Columbus, LaGrange, Newnan), Florida (Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee), or Alabama (Auburn), you can trust ServiceMaster Restoration Services to restore and repair your property back to its pre-loss condition.