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Get Organized for Spring in One Weekend

Last night we sprang forward! Many of us are breathing a sigh of relief that Spring officially begins on March 20. With the warmer temperatures comes a desire to shake off winter by getting your home organized and clean for the Spring.

Here are five things you can do in just one weekend that will better organize your home and your life.

  1. Gather important papers.
    Collect all the important papers from around the house, such as bills, school notes and invitations, and place them in a folder. Schedule a time each week to address them.
  2. Eliminate 10 items from your closet.
    Look through your clothes, shoes and accessories, and select 10 things from your closet that either don’t fit well, are out of style or you simply don’t wear. Take them to a clothing donation store in your area.
  3. Look at the next 30 days on your calendar.
    Review the next 30 days of your calendar, and list anything you need to prepare for such as purchasing gifts or cards, writing a report for an important meeting or getting your dress/suit cleaned for an event.
  4. Complete one home repair.
    Select the thing in your home that needs to be repaired most and fix it this weekend, either by doing it yourself or calling a professional.
  5. Find a home for 10 things.
    Identify 10 items in your home that look out of place, take up a lot of room or are in the way and find a new home for them. Relocate the item to somewhere close by and handy if you use it often, or store it out of the way if you use it less frequently.