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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

During hurricane season,the Southeastern United States is on high alert for any impending storms that may cause damage to homes, businesses and property. What many people sometimes forget about is the threat of fire damage. There’s nothing quite as painful as watching your home or business burn to the ground in extreme cases.

To recover what can be recovered, you’ll want to call some experts in for fire restoration. The fire restoration experts at ServiceMaster Restoration Services are some of the best. Here are some of their tips for keeping fire damage to a minimum:

Accept the Loss of Possessions

Don’t hesitate to demolish any parts of your home that is badly burnedand don’t attempt to keep items and belongings that are damaged beyond repair.

Circulation, Circulation, Circulation

Use fans, open doors and windows to air out your property. This can help with reducing smoke odors and dry any wet materials.

Vacuum Fabric Items (No Beater Bar)

Vacuum fabric items without the use of the beater bar. The use of a brush or bar may compound the soot into the fabrics, complicating the cleaning process.


Soot on nonporous surfaces like glass or metal can be wiped with simple spray cleaners and paper towels. For porous surfaces, use a chemical sponge, available at your local hardware store, and a cleanser designed for cutting grease.


Paint can hold smoke odors well. To reduce and possible eliminate odors, strip the paint of any surface and repaint them. The same applies for hardwood floors. If your hardwood floors are emitting a smoky odor, strip and re-varnish your flooring.

Being on high alert for fire can be a great preventative measure to protect your home or business from fire damages. If an accident does occur, don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster Restoration Services, the Orlando fire damage restoration experts.