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Columbus Water Damage Prevention Tips

Guard against a water disaster this fall in your Columbus home by taking a few simple steps. As experienced Columbus water damage restoration professionals, the staff at ServiceMaster Restoration Services has seen it all; we know the common, preventable sources of water damage, and want to help you protect your home.

  • Clear out the gutters frequently throughout the fall to remove leaves and other materials that would keep them from doing their job
  • Attach downspout extenders that send water from the gutters 10 feet or more from your foundation
  • Slope the landscaping down from the house, or install a French drain to guide water away
  • Check the seals on your windows, and have them redone as needed
  • Check for cracks in your foundation or in the concrete walls of the basement, and seal any cracks that you find
  • Dispose of grease and cooking oils, rather than pouring them down the sink
  • When the hard rain comes, avoid taxing your water system by limiting your own water use, and install a sump pump and backup generator in the basement for potential flooding

Don’t hesitate to take action against Columbus water damage. For 24-hour emergency water cleanup services, call the Columbus water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration Services.