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Differentiating Flood and Water Damages in Auburn, AL

Throughout the year many properties in Auburn, Alabama and the surrounding areas succumb to water and/or flood damage. With aging properties and diminished structures, it can be quite easy for flood damage to occur to happen within your Auburn home or office.

Many property owners in Auburn believe that water damage and flood damage are exactly the same since they both involve water and damaged structures. But when it comes to insurance coverage and policies, water and flood damage can actually be two completely different entities.

Flood Damage

Flood damage occurs when a body of water overflows and enters a property causing damages. The key factor in differentiating water damages from flood damages is that for flood damage, the water has come into contact with the ground first before structural materials.

Examples of flood damage:

  • A river or stream near your property overflows and enters your basement.
  • During a heavy rainfall, the soil around your property becomes saturated of water and can no longer become absorb into the ground, allowing the water to flow into your property.
  • A pipe bursts and water is surging into your property.

Basic Water Damage

How water damage in Auburn can be classified is that the water must come into contact and/or damage structures before touching the ground, otherwise it may be classified as flood damage. Most water damage in Auburn is caused by moisture or small leaks that go unnoticed.

Examples of water damage:

  • When your roof has a leak during a rainstorm and water enters causing damages to your ceilings.
  • Moisture builds up around your windows creating droplets of water on your windowsills and walls causing damages and potentially mold.
  • A pipe or appliance has a leak allowing water to trickle and become absorbed into nearby structures causing damages to wood, dry wall, and floors.

When you have water or flood damage in Auburn, ServiceMaster Restoration Services is here to help. We will repair and restore your property and content back to its rightful condition with our water damage repair services in Auburn, AL. We want nothing else than to see our clients and customers be able to return to their home or office and have their lives back to normal. Contact us today to learn more about our water and flood damage repair services in Auburn, AL.