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Let us create a highly detailed 3D capture of your space

Matterport: Let us create a highly detailed but affordable 3D capture of any space, from small residential to large commercial buildings.

Matterport is the leading spatial data company focused on digitizing and indexing the built world, and ServiceMaster Restore is the largest restoration company in the country.

We use Matterport to quickly create interactive, click-through tours for a variety of our customers needs. From restoration to real estate, we can capture and document your space in a moment in time.

Uses for Matterport include: 

  • Estimating jobs for a remodel or restoration
  • Documenting progress of a construction project
  • Pre-loss planning for insurance claims and losses
  • Thorough documentation that can be exported into the insurance industry's leading estimating platform
  • Speeding up insurance claims approvals
  • Creating and documenting accurate and complete floorplans
  • Virtual tours for a home or rental property listing
  • 3D models of in-store layouts for merchandising
  • Video inventory of your home or business

Call us today to learn more about how ServiceMaster and Matterport can be an asset to your home or business and to arrange a demonstration: 203-535-0370