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Mold Remediation Services in Reno

Humidity and moisture in the air sometimes create the perfect environment for mold growth. With the average humidity level in Reno hovering around 70%, it’s important to keep indoor relative humidity (RH) below 60%. To help mitigate the potential issues that our weather can bring, trust ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Reno. We offer mold inspection and removal services for homes in and around Reno.

Our seasoned and skilled restoration service professionals have years of expertise in removing mold from affected areas and ensuring it doesn’t return. We follow a very stringent process to locate the mold and present viable options. Once we’ve located all the mold in your home, we use non-toxic yet powerful products that immediately kill mold and disinfect surfaces.

Mold can grow anywhere, but there’s nowhere it can hide from our certified mold removal experts. Call (775) 242-6497 to find out how to get started.

What Are Health Issues Associated with Mold?

Black mold is one of the most dangerous types of mold that can grow inside your home. When you come in contact with it, it can cause several health conditions or exacerbate existing and chronic ailments that include:

  • Persistent cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain

You shouldn’t have to be hospitalized before you realize the cause of your failing health was mold growth. Allow our team to use advanced technology to locate the offending fungus and eliminate it at the source. We’ll also recommend specific restoration services based on the cause of your mold infestation.

With comprehensive mold remediation solutions available for your entire Reno home, let our residential restoration experts assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use a thorough process to get rid of mold that includes:

  • Evaluating the extent of your mold contamination
  • Isolating the affected areas to keep the mold from spreading
  • Removing possessions to avoid further damage
  • Vacuuming up any sitting water or moisture
  • Deodorizing to cleanse the air and eliminate any spores
  • Cleaning and disinfecting minimally affected surfaces

What You Can Do to Avoid Mold Inside Your Home

Sometimes, mold growth is entirely unavoidable when you experience natural disasters out of your control. However, humidity levels inside your home can be adjusted to accommodate your comfort and keep from creating the perfect environment for mold growth. Ideally, you’ll want your relative humidity between 30-50% just to be on the safe side. If this information reaches you after you’ve discovered mold in your house, our committed restoration experts are ready to help.

Call us day or night at (775) 242-6497 to assist you with mold removal in Reno.