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Water Damage Restoration in Reno

Whether you’ve been dealt a plumbing emergency or natural disaster, when water is involved – the results are often devastating. Water can ruin your home or business easily within minutes. From damaging rugs and furniture to even the studs in your walls, this is just the beginning of the chaos water can wreak on your space. Not to mention damage to your electrical wiring if submerged for long enough.

Even if the smallest amount of water damage is left untreated, things will continue to get worse as it's ignored. While warping floors and damaging walls are one thing, mold growth is another. While everything is thrown upside down, the model can cause harm to your family, employees, and customers. This is why water damage restoration services continue to be so important. The sooner you turn to a team of professionals for water damage, the sooner further damage is done, and the sooner things will be back to normal.

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What Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Unfortunately, there are too many factors when it comes to water damage to give a price estimate offhand. This is why our services always begin with an inspection which allows us to assess the series of factors that affect the price. This ranges from the size of the area affected and the how much moisture is present.

Some of the factors we consider when pricing water damage services include:

  • Size of Area Affected
  • Amount of Water
  • Type of Water
  • Source of Water
  • Types of Materials
  • Mold Growth
  • Amount of Reconstruction Needed

What Size Area Is Affected?

Naturally, the larger the area is affected by water damage, the more it will take time to get restored to normal. For example, a flooded bathroom will require far fewer resources needed compared to the restoration of the entire first floor of a home or business. Having a quick response is key to keeping the area small in most cases.

Dehumidification is an important component to protect your property from moisture well before the restoration work even begins. The larger space, the longer this will take to ensure a quality restoration. Any type of widespread damage will cost more due to repairs and replacements.

  • Conclusion: Bigger Area = More to Repair = More Cost

How Much Water Has Soaked Into the Area?

The amount of water is one of the biggest impacts of how much water damage is completed. While it spreads itself across and on things, gravity will cause water to seep into various materials you have around your home, including rugs, furniture, décor, and home foundation. From burst pipes to overflowing sinks, any type of water flow should be stopped as soon as its noticed. Even the smallest leak from the likes of a kitchen sink can cause mold growth or structural damage to your home over time.

  • Conclusion: Water extraction becomes a longer process depending on how much water leaked or flooded across the building.

Type of Water

The type of water will affect the cost of restoration services. Broken down into 3 categories based on the hazard level of the water. Category 1 is safest, as it comes from clean and sanitary sources like faucets, toilet tanks, snow, or melting pipes. Simply, it’s the same water you brush your teeth with. While it’s clean, it should be treated as you would any water damage.

Category 2 water contamination includes the like of major household appliances and water fixtures such as dishwashers, showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Commonly referred to as gray water, this water remains less hazardous than the next since it has not come into contact with fecal matter. This does not mean that Category 2 water is safe by any means, as it may include containments or bacteria that could induce illness if ingested.

Lastly,Category 3 water contamination is the water beyond your drain trap. This is the most dangerous category of water contamination and should be avoided when you lack the proper tools and gear. This type of water can come from raw sewage directly from the home or be transferred during any natural disaster that results in flooding. This type of water is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, chemicals, pathogens, ground materials, and other disease-causing organisms. It’s extremely dangerous and destructive and requires more work than the previous two categories due to the severity.

  • Conclusion: More contamination requires more precautions to protect workers and more sanitization before an area is safe for habitation.

Source of Water

The source of water will determine how quickly it is found. For example, a leaky HVAC unit will be discovered quite a bit later than a leaky faucet would. Either way, proper inspections should be conducted around your property to ensure all possible sources of water damage are stopped in their tracks. The source may also affect the severity, as something like a sump pump will emit water in a smaller area but is comprised of Category 3 water.

  • Conclusion: The source of the water can determine the level of contamination and the amount of time it takes to identify the point of origin.

Types of Materials

Depending on the type of materials affected, the price may rise. While some things like vinyl flooring and tile are water-resistant, hardwood floors and laminate floors are not and will begin to swell and show signs of damage within minutes. Carpets can withstand water but may need to be replaced due to mold damage.

  • Conclusion: Different materials that have suffered water damage may require more or fewer specialized procedures for restoration.

Mold Growth

Within as little as 3 days, mold growth can occur. Since mold is naturally present in our environments, any introduction of water can get things started. This will continue to spread until something is done professionally. The longer you wait, the more your risk grows for mold and bacterial growth that can lead to lung irritation and other health conditions. Our team at is fully equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to provide you the mold remediation services you need before your property is fully restored.

  • Conclusion: Mold growth will require a mold remediation project on top of water extraction and drying.

Amount of Reconstruction Needed

The amount of reconstruction is a major contribution to the price of water damage restoration. If you are dealing with wood rot, extensive mold growth, mold taking root, contract with Category 3 contaminated water, or damage that has been left untreated for some time, reconstruction may be your only choice.

  • Conclusion: Reconstructing damaged walls, flooring or foundation will have a significant impact on price.

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Water damage restoration services are complex, this is why the pricing can be complex. But, with the help of the team at ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Reno, you can rest easy knowing that our team is dedicated to giving you competitive and accurate pricing that helps you get your property back to normal in no time at all.

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