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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a great alternative to traditional sandblasting and glass bead blasting. Dry Ice Blasting is a surface cleaning system utilizing compressed air to propel dry ice pellets. C02 blasting (as Dry Ice Blasting is alternatively called) is non-toxic and non-hazardous so it’s ideal for the environment, your home and employees. There are no secondary toxicities such as solvents or solids which reduces waste. As ServiceMaster South Shore, we utilize C02 blasting primarily to remove soot from areas affected by fire damage.

How does dry ice blasting work? Cleaning the side of a house

Air compressor at 375 CFM used to propel pellets

  • 3 times more powerful than a compressor used for a jackhammer
  • Dry ice pellets, cylindrical in shape
  • Impact on target surface
  • Freezes and knocks off the contaminant

Dry ice blasting advantages.

  • No blasting media to clean-up, i.e. sand, silica, etc.
  • It can be used in tight spots, around nails, joists, etc.
  • Will not harm wires or plumbing
  • No water damage
  • Kills organic contaminants
  • Environmentally friendly

Dry ice blasting uses.

  • Attics with mold
  • Floor joists, basements, crawl areas
  • Remove smoke from framing and plywood
  • Clean brick and masonry