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Water Damage Dos & Don’ts

Plymouth, Norfolk, Barnstable, Nantucket and Dukes County are all home to severe weather, which makes your property more susceptible to water damage. When you call ServiceMaster South Shore, be sure you also do the following to immediately help mitigate any water damage:


  • Contact ServiceMaster South Shore 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Remove as much water as you can by blotting or mopping your floors
  • Lift all curtains and shades from the floor
  • To prevent damage to heavy furniture, place foil underneath furniture that you can’t move
  • Move items that are transportable from the scene, such as coffee tables and rugs
  • Remove any valuables – such as artwork, photos, etc. – from the water-damaged area
  • Aerate your home in closed-off places, such as cabinets and closets
  • Place pressure on any damaged books to prevent warping


  • Don’t get shocked! Turn off all of the electricity in any room with standing water before you walk into the room
  • Don’t walk into a room with sagging walls or ceilings – we can’t have anybody crushed!
  • Avoid removing carpet that is permanent
  • Don’t get close to or touch mold if you see it growing!
  • Don’t use electronic devices while in the damaged area
  • Don’t turn on lights that may have water damage
  • Don’t vacuum to clean up the water – always a mop, if anything!
  • We’re standing by around-the-clock prepared to help you with any disaster, including all kinds of water or flood damage. Whether you came home to a flooded basement or need mold remediation in your office space, ServiceMaster South Shore can restore your peace of mind quickly and efficiently. We serve Massachusetts, the Cape, South Shore and the islands with expert water damage cleanup services – follow these tips and call us today!