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Yarmouth: Can My Carpet Be Saved?

“Sometimes, I think the universe is out to get me.  We’d only just finished renovating the family room when the fire happened.  I spent nearly a thousand dollars on that carpet, and now it stinks like smoke.  I guess it’s ruined!”

Not so fast!  Many times, carpets and rugs that have been affected by smoke damage aren’t a total loss.  There is hope! Your Yarmouth Disaster Restoration specialists may be able to save your smoke-damaged carpet or your smoke-damaged rug.  Let’s talk about how that is possible.

Smoke damage is a complex phenomenon.  There are many types of smoke, depending on what type of fire created the smoke.  Slow, smoldering fires create a different type of smoke than fast, hot fires. Smoke from a grease fire is different than smoke from a backed-up fireplace or puff back smoke from a home heating system. What all of these types of smoke have in common is the fact they deposit complex chemical compounds on your carpeting and rugs.

Many carpets are composed of synthetic fibers. These fibers can bond with the chemical agents in the smoke, resulting in a horrible odor. ServiceMaster South Shore has specialized equipment and proprietary techniques that make it possible to stop the chemicals from bonding with the carpet fibers and eliminate the terrible smell of smoke damage. If your rug or carpet is composed of natural fibers – such as older wool carpets – there are special cleaning and restoration techniques that can help save these rugs and carpets too.

Yarmouth Smoke Damage: Carpet Cleaning

Restoring flooring is a major step in bringing your home back to normal after a fire. Smoke damage stinks, but your home doesn’t have to! Let the professionals at ServiceMaster South Shore clean your carpets.  It’s important to call for Yarmouth carpet cleaning quickly: the longer the smoke and soot remain on your carpeting and rugs, the more damage it does! Here’s where you get help.