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Mold Remediation: Ick! What is That Black Stuff? How Do I Make it Go Away?

What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation is the process of cleaning or removing mold from a building. Mold can grow on almost any organic surface exposed to air and moisture. All molds can cause allergic reactions; some are toxic. It is important that mold is removed promptly and properly whenever it is found in a building.

Can I remove mold myself?

Small infestations of surface mold can be relatively easy to deal with, with some effort. Most hardware and home stores sell mold and mildew cleaners, but you probably have things around your house that will work as well. For areas like your shower, damp walls, even your deck or painted siding, you can use diluted bleach and a little detergent to kill mold and lift if off the surface. Ammonia is another cheap and easy mold remediation product. But NEVER mix bleach and ammonia; the resulting gas is highly toxic. Borax does not give off irritating or potentially harmful fumes. Always wear long sleeves, pants, and plastic or rubber gloves when cleaning mold.

What are the most environmentally-friendly choices for removing surface mold?

Hydrogen peroxide is one non-toxic mold cleaner. Vinegar and baking soda are useful, independently or together. Tea tree oil can be an effective natural mold killer, as can grapefruit seed extract.

How can I deal with larger infestations of mold?

Removal of larger infestations of mold requires more work and more protection. You will not only need gloves, but also goggles, old clothes and shoes that can be safely laundered or discarded, and N-95 or P-100 respirators. The area must be well-ventilated. Seal off the affected room from the rest of the house by placing overlapping sheets of plastic over the door and taping the sheets to the wall and floor. Tape plastic over any air ducts. Double-bag moldy debris in plastic garbage bags. Roll moldy carpet up in 6-mil plastic and tape securely. It is important to take care of the moisture problem, or you will end up with more mold.

I’m confident I can deal with surface mold, but should I hire a professional mold remediation specialist for larger infestations of mold?

Mold remediation professionals know the best way to deal with your mold problem and have specialized equipment and mold killers to get the job done. They can perform necessary work quickly and efficiently, making your home safe as soon as possible. Not all mold problems are visible. Mold remediation professionals have the knowledge and experience to be thorough.

How can I protect my home from mold following flooding?

Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. A professional restoration expert can keep water damage from becoming a houseful of mold. ServiceMaster professionals use sensitive tools to measure temperature, humidity, and moisture content of your home or building, and employ the most effective drying techniques. A mold problem cannot be solved without dealing with the moisture problem.

Who can I trust for mold remediation on Cape Cod or the South Shore?

From our Sandwich and Scituate locations, ServiceMaster South Shore provides professional water damage restoration and mold remediation for Cape Cod and Boston’s South Shore.