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Belongings Care & Storage

  • Pack Out – An inventory will be done on all of your personal possessions. This inventory will be in electronic format with pictures of each item and an overview of each box packed, emailed to you as a pdf document.
  • Unsalvageable Items – These are items that are not going to clean up to a pre-loss condition and need to be replaced. We will do our best to identify all of these items will usually leave them at your residence so that an inventory of them can be completed. An inventory of these items will need to be done by you, your adjuster, or ServiceMaster. The person who decides who has to do this is the adjuster. Once inventoried and all parties agree then ServiceMaster can dispose of these items after you sign off on a contents disposal form.
  • Storage and Access – Once the packout is completed, your personal possessions are loaded into the truck and brought to our warehouse and placed in our own storage vault system.
  • Cleaning and/or Assessment – If your personal possessions require cleaning and/or assessment, we will schedule them to be cleaned and/or assessed by our warehouse cleaning staff. When it is time to clean them, your vaults will be moved to the cleaning area to be cleaned, deodorized, assessed for salvageability and repacked back into vaults for storage.
  • Textiles – We have an in house team and an ESPORTA wash system as well as other specialty textile cleaning equipment. Your items come back smelling and looking great! Check out our before and after pictures to see for yourself!
  • Electronics – Electronics may need to be assessed and cleaned by a separate third party company. This is done at the discretion of your adjuster.
  • Move Back – This phase will include us returning all furniture to the areas in which they were removed from and reassembled. The boxes will be placed into the rooms they came out of and left for you to unpack.


When an emergency has damaged your home and your belongings, you need experts you can trust. Someone who not only understands your grief and challenges, but has the skills and experience to restore your home. We’re here to help. We’re here to serve.