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Helping Restore Your Home After A Fire

When your home or business catches fire, your first thought is everyone’s safety—not the damage being done by the fire or smoke. However, facing the fire and smoke damage can turn your life and business upside down.

Fire damage restoration and smoke damage cleanup must happen as soon as possible to reduce the amount of secondary damage that affects your home or business as well as your belongings.

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Preventing Further Damage

To extinguish the fire, your local fire department can spray either water or a foam to suffocate the flames and stop them from spreading. These extinguishing techniques can mix with the soot left behind and create a sludge that causes secondary damage the longer it remains before cleanup.

Starting fire damage restoration and soot cleanup quickly will ensure that any possible secondary damage can be swiftly reversed, and your home and belongings cleaned to look like new.

Our Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

Northwest ServiceMaster has been helping people in the St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN, areas with fire damage restoration and cleanup since 1966. Our technicians assess the damage and determine exactly which tools and techniques to use to clean the fire and smoke damage left behind.

They do everything in their power to restore your home or facility to its former state as quickly as possible. Our technicians have access to cutting-edge products and equipment, and they have the training needed to maximize the use of these items, and to quickly and correctly return your home or building to its former state.

Why Choose Northwest ServiceMaster

The technicians at Northwest ServiceMaster are on call 24/7/365 so they can immediately respond and get the job completed to your satisfaction, and you can get your life back to normal.

Facing fire, smoke, and soot damage is difficult and stressful, so don’t let the cleanup and restoration add to your anxiety. Northwest ServiceMaster can help all those in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, areas make sure they don’t stress out when facing a life-altering disaster.

Northwest ServiceMaster’s fire damage restoration services have been providing peace of mind in Twin Cities and nearby areas for years. Contact us as soon as possible to make sure the work is done quickly and correctly.

Don’t leave your home, building, and livelihood in the hands of just anyone. Rely on Northwest ServiceMaster, which has the tools, techniques, and training to make sure the job is done right, and you don’t have to worry.

If you need fire & smoke damage restoration, turn to our expert team!Contact us online or call(612) 712-7464, we’re available 24/7!