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Remembering Hurricane Safety a Decade After Katrina

Flooded StreetsNorth Carolina hasn’t had a Category 1 hurricane scare since Hurricane Irene in 2011. Nonetheless, in light of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, it is still important to keep in mind what you can do to be fully prepared for the natural disaster that historically has wreaked the most havoc in North Carolina.

Katrina was the perfect storm, and the lack of preparedness in New Orleans (and FEMA) only added to this recipe for disaster. Although New Orleanians had little control of the levy breakage and lack of preparedness for the city overall, there were measures citizens could have taken to be more prepared for a hurricane of this caliber. Indeed, 10 years later, we can still learn from this disaster that scarred the country.

According to FEMA, there are several measures home and business owners can take to prevent damages to their property in a hurricane. At ServiceMaster Quality Restoration, we recommend you do the following things:

  1. Create an emergency kit and communication plan for you and your family. This means extra food, a radio, water, first aid kits, sleeping bags, etc., just in case you are evacuated from your home and need supplies. Installing an emergency generator is ideal as well.
  2. Know your property. The surroundings of your home or business may make you more liable for flood damage during a hurricane. Be sure you know the elevation level of your property, whether you are susceptible to flooding, and whether your home or business will be affected if any nearby levees or dams break.
  3. Secure windows. Permanent shutters for your home are best, but you can also board up windows upon being notified of a hurricane warning. If you are a business owner, install windows with impact-resistant glazing in the building.
  4. Secure roofing. Straps and clips for your roof’s framing is important, as wind forces are one of the main reasons homes are damaged during hurricanes.
  5. Trim foilage. Trees and bushes can severely damage your home or business if they are unkept. Be sure to regularly trim them to ensure they do not fall on or further damage your property during a hurricane.

As always, ServiceMaster Quality Restoration is available 24/7 to answer any disaster preparedness questions you may have. We can learn from Hurricane Katrina, and much of this has to do with taking action to protect your home or business: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about your property’s safety during a natural disaster.