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4 New Years Resolutions For Your Home

The new year is the perfect time to start tackling those things around your home that you have been putting off. Instead of making resolutions for yourself why not make them for your home? By setting goals for the year ahead your home will be looking better than ever in 2019. Here are our top home resolutions we think you should take on. 


A closet with clothes in it

Decluttering is a wonderful way to get your home in order. Pick a room to begin in and get started. Sort through clothes, household items, and papers. Throw away or donate any items that you don’t use. Schedule specific times to do it. Even if it is just for thirty minutes a day, it will make a difference.

Take on a Home Improvement Project

Picture frames on a wall

Start working on those projects you have had in mind for a while such as painting a room, hanging photos, or repairing damaged drywall. Make a list of the projects and cross that off when you finish each one to help you stay accountable. 

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Gloved hands cleaning a counter with cleaning supplies and flower pots on the counter

Make a weekly cleaning schedule and plan an area to clean on different days. Focus on one type of cleaning at a time. For instance, wipe down cabinets one day and then move on to windows, mirrors, or appliances another day.

Choose a Space to Organize

a pile of folded t-shirts

Pick one small space to organize if the above seems too overwhelming. You can organize your closet, garage or office. Try using bins or boxes to separate items accordingly so that everything has a place. You don’t have to start with a large area, focus on the small ones first and your home will be looking it’s best in no time.

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Happy New Year!