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Consequences of Dirty Air Filters

Life gets busy and as a homeowner, there are things that can get overlooked around your home.  A home has to be properly maintained to be in it’s best state.  Unfortunately one of the most common home maintenance tasks that is easily forgotten is the changing of air filters.  A dirty air filter can cause a lot more issues than you may think.

What are the consequences of a dirty air filter?

Bad For Your Health

person laying on couch sick

Air filters actually filter allergens and dirt out of your air.  If your filter is dirty than your home is getting filled with these nasty irritants.  Bad side effects to your health can occur should this happen, such as headaches, cold symptoms and constant tiredness.

Blocked Air Flow

When filters are clogged, they prevent air flow from occurring.  AC systems are made to work with a specific amount of air flow.  If this does not happen your unit can possibly malfunction and ultimately break down.

Inefficient Cooling of Home

Frost can build up on your AC coils as a consequences of dirt getting into the coils.  This prevents your unit to cool your home efficiently and can cause it to have problems.

High Power Bill

Lastly, a dirty air filter can cause an increase in your power bill due to your system working extra hard. Working against the dirt, it will have to use more power to be at it’s best.  Just by changing your filter, you can lower your bill quite a bit.

Changing your air filters is an easy thing to do and something you cannot afford to let go. You should change them every 1-3 months depending on the quality.

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