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After a Water Loss, How Long Until My Home Dries?

If you have recently experienced a water loss and your home is in the drying phase, you may be wondering how long it will take. When will your home be back to normal? Well, the amount of time that your home takes to dry out depends on a number of factors. Drying time can be decided upon by the type of building materials affected, the type of water loss, and the weather (outside conditions). The fact is, everyone’s home will take a different amount of time to dry. The drying of a water-damaged home can actually take anywhere from 2- 6 days. One thing that must be considered when considering your drying time is what the outside conditions are. The temperature outside and the humidity will both play a role in how quickly your home dries.

 First, hot air is going to promote faster dry times than cold air. When it comes to humidity, the less humid the air is, the better. If the air outside is hot and humid then it is going to be harder for your home to dry and the process may be slower. If the air outside is dry and hot, then your home will most likely dry quicker. In addition, as we spoke about previously porous materials will dry quicker than nonporous materials.

Do not Turn off the EquipmentTwo men talking around drying equipment

Do you want to restore your home back to normal as quickly as possible? If the answer to this is yes, then you must leave your equipment on for the period of time specified by your technician. Your technician has the knowledge to know how long your equipment must be running. You may be asked to keep the equipment on for 24 hour periods. Understandably the noise from the equipment can be a nuisance, but the job that it is performing is crucial to the drying of your home. If you decide to turn off your equipment against the advice of your company then it will interrupt the drying of your home, in turn extending the time it takes to dry.

Not only will you want your home dried quickly for convenience, but faster drying decreases the chance of mildew and mold growing in your home.

Don’t believe three days to dry statement


If your adjuster or your mitigation team promises you that your home will be dry in three days, please do not take this as concrete. Three days is the basic time frame for a home to dry but it is not set in stone. Your home is unique and depending on how long it was exposed to water it can take longer to dry. There are so many variables when it comes to the drying of your home. You need to know it could take longer than three days to restore your home to dry standard. Please keep this in mind before getting upset if your home is not dry within three days.  Don’t let a water loss bring you down. 

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