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Dangers of Wet Drywall

If you experience water damage to your home then you may have wet drywall.  Unfortunately, wet drywall is more than just an ugly stain. It can be dangerous to you and the structure of your home. Don’t ignore drywall that has gotten wet, or think you can simply paint over it. By doing so, you can create even bigger issues.

What are the dangers of wet drywall?


Hazardous to your health, wet drywall that is not properly dried will breed mold.  You may not see it, or even know it is there because it can be hidden inside the ceiling cavity.  It is imperative that a professional assess the wet drywall immediately due to how quickly mold can grow.  In as fast as 24 to 48 hours after water comes into contact with drywall mold spores can begin to rapidly increase.  Once they do, you will have a much larger issue on your hands to deal with.

Weakened Structural Integrity

Drywall that gets wet can weaken and become soft.  In doing so, it can easily start to crumble.  Anything that is hung on the drywall, such as shelves or pictures can begin to fall.  The backing on the wall can even start to peel away and drywall can begin to fall off the beams or studs in the ceiling. This is recipe for disaster.

Electrical Hazards

If there are any wires or lighting in the drywall where water infiltrated, than you can have a fire hazard.  Once water comes into contact with anything electrical, this creates an immediate danger.  Turn off your circuit breaker when assessing the situation if there are wires or lighting involved. Leave it off until a professional can arrive to help.

Don’t ignore wet drywall, it won’t go away and can get worse if untreated.  If you experience wet drywall, the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration are here to help you.  Offering emergency water mitigation services and on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.  No loss is too big for us to handle.  Give us a call today.