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Emergency Kits

The Importance of Home Emergency Kits

Are you aware that September is National Preparedness Month? There is no better time for you to prepare for disasters such as storms. Storms can strike suddenly and leave you with a host of troubles. Being prepared when bad weather hits is half of the battle. Having all of the supplies you will need is essential. Experts say you should have enough water, food, and supplies for at least 72 hours. Listed below are basic items that you will need for your emergency kit-

Important Items

• Flashlight
• Extra batteries
• List of emergency contact numbers
• Portable radio (hand-cranked or battery-powered)
• Non Perishable food and water
• Medications
• First aid kit
• Blankets
• Map of the area
• Pet food if needed

It will help to keep your kit in a location that is easy to get to. Try to keep items in a waterproof box or tub in case of flooding. Make sure to check your kit regularly and exchange expired items.

If you have little ones, put together any items that may distract them such as toys, books, or games they love. Storms can be scary, having these items ready will help you stay in control.

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