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Fire Hazards Of Hoarding

Do you or someone you know have an excessive amount of clutter in your home? Not only is clutter unsightly, but it can also be very dangerous. Hoarding is defined as the compulsive need to purchase or acquire items from various sources and keep them even when they are no longer useful. Hoarding can get out of control and interfere with a person’s quality of life. If that isn’t bad enough, hoarding is a serious fire hazard. Get your situation under control to avoid a scary situation.

Why is Hoarding a Fire Hazard?

Large piles of clutter can catch fire very easily. Flammable items such as paper, clothes, and garbage can ignite and spread very quickly. Objects can block pathways and make it very difficult for a person to get out of the home should a fire occur. It can be especially dangerous if your home catches on fire at night. You will have difficulty seeing. This puts you at risk of becoming trapped in your home during a fire or falling and hurting yourself on the way out.

Not only does hoarding prevent you from escaping a fire but it also creates a hard situation for firefighters. Household clutter can prevent them from entering your home and extinguishing the fire quickly.  Any delay during this process can take away precious time that is needed to rescue anyone in the home. Clutter can become the difference in life or death during a fire rescue. It is that serious.

firefighters fighting a fire

Hoarding is a disorder, and deserving of professional, respectful cleanup services from knowledgeable experts who treat their customers with care. For a thorough cleaning from experienced professionals with an understanding of this disorder and the skills to get the job done right, you can count on your team at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration.

There is hope for hoarding. We bring the expertise necessary to successfully resolve hoarding situations, large or small, in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Give us a call at (704) 324-8528 and speak to a trained expert who is ready to create a customized plan for your unique situation.