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How High Humidity Can Creep in Contaminates

Heat may not seem a likely suspect for moisture problems, but humidity can actually damage your home slowly over time.  If you’ve been experiencing an extra humid summer this year, check the following places for potential problems:

Walls & Attics

Humid air has the ability to build up in walls and attics, becoming soggy over time and attracting mold and mildew. Consider boosting wall insulation or using vapor-retardant paints. Caulking and weather stripping along potential gaps and cracks on the baseboards, doors, and windows can also help. Having your home or office properly sealed can minimize moisture issues.

Food Storage

Stored food can be affected by high humidity and become inedible. If humidity exceeds 60 percent, dry food can draw in that moisture and grow stale. Canned foods may rust or leak, becoming swollen with moisture. All damaged or swollen cans should be thrown out.

Add silica gel packets or other moisture-absorbing materials in your food pantries to help battle moisture build-up.


Crawl spaces and basements are especially susceptible to humidity damage problems as the moisture from the groundworks with the moisture from the air to create condensation on surfaces. If left unattended, these surfaces will grow mold and mildew.

Keep foundation vents open all year to keep it dry and keep basement windows closed to keep out humid air. Maybe even run a dehumidifier to control humidity levels. Crawl spaces should generally be covered with polyethylene or other thick, solid vapor barriers to keep moisture out.

Remember, ServiceMaster Quality Restoration can help you eradicate any mold or mildew problem no matter how big in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Call us today for an on-site inspection and ensure the health of your space.


Mold and mildew can infiltrate wood flooring or carpets, as both are especially sensitive to the excess moisture resulting from humidity. You can prevent humidity from penetrating your flooring by installing an air conditioning system that can reduce the temperature in your home.

If you do notice mildew developing on your wood flooring or smell musty odors coming from your carpet, call ServiceMaster Quality Restoration to do an on-site estimate for our professional carpet or hardwood floor cleaning services.  It may be difficult to tell how extensively the mold has spread into the padding without a professional assessment.

Mold remediation takes diligent care and expert knowledge to eradicate completely, call today for any mold or mildew problems in your building in Charlotte, North Carolina.