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How to Clean Your Grill Safely

Have you ever considered the methods you use to clean your grill? Grilling is enjoyed year-round by many, so before you clean your grill the next time, consider what you are using and the potential dangers.

Do NOT Use a Wire Grill Brush

Doctors caution that using wire bristle brushes can be hazardous to your health. The brush’s wire bristles can potentially break off during cleaning and end up in the food you’re cooking. Once you eat, the bristles can lodge in your stomach or intestines and cause major damage.  There have been several cases that have been reported. Toss your wire grill brush if you haven’t already before taking a chance with your health. 

Cleaning Alternatives

There are several other ways that you can clean your grill safely.

  • Use coil brushes that do not have bristles as a great alternative. 
  • Crumple up aluminum foil and scrub your grill. This is a great option for scrubbing grill grates clean. You can use tongs to grip the ball of foil and then scrub away at the hot grill until the food is gone and your grill is good as new. 
  • Scrub your grill with a scouring pad from your kitchen for easy cleanup.
  • Vinegar and ammonia.  Soak your grates in 3 cups ammonia, 3 cups white vinegar, and 1 cup baking soda for 24 hours. This will give your grill a deeper 

These ideas for cleaning your grill will all get the job done effectively, no wire brush required. Remember that ServiceMaster Restoration is available should you need any of our services. We offer 24/7 Emergency Fire, Water Damage, and Mold Remediation services. No mess is too big for us to handle.