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How to Prevent Mold On the Exterior of Your Home

Mold on the siding of your home not only looks bad but it can actually be bad for your health and cause damage to your home. Even though it is outside, don’t assume it is harmless. Mold usually grows on the sides of your home that are not exposed to a lot of sunlight. Dirt, dust, and pollen can get moist and over time mold can develop. All types of siding can be susceptible to mold.

Follow these tips below to prevent mold on the outside of your home

Sprinklers spraying a yard

  • Spray the exterior of your home with a hose regularly to keep it clean. Areas that are in the shade should be hosed down about once a month and areas exposed to sunlight about twice a year.

  • When using a sprinkler system, make sure the water is not aimed toward your home.

  • Be sure your rain gutters are free of debris, working properly, and are directing water away from your home.

  • Trim your trees and bushes regularly to keep debris and leaves off your home’s roof and siding.

  • Use mold-resistant paint when repainting or touching up the outside of your home.

  • Get rid of any climbing vines on your home, they may give your home character but they also create a perfect environment for mold to grow.

  • If building your home, consider using materials less susceptible to mold-related damage, such as brick or stone.

  • Finally, should you find mold on your home combat it immediately so that it does not spread.


By following these tips you will reduce the likelihood of mold growing in your home. Remember that ServiceMaster Restoration is available should you need any of our services. We offer 24/7 Emergency Fire and Water Damage Services. No mess is too big for us to handle.