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How to Safeguard Your Backyard

When it comes to home security, most people think protecting the inside of their home is enough. However, home security should start outside of your home. Making sure that your outdoors is protected is just as important as your indoors. Here are some great ways that you can safeguard your backyard.

Outdoor Lighting

Backlit door

You need to make sure that your backyard is not too dark. Invest in some bright outdoor lighting, this will deter anyone from coming near your home. Motion sensor lighting is best, this way your lights are only turned on when motion is detected. Lights are most useful when installed over patios, doors, or stairs.



Fences are a great way to protect your back yard. If your backyard is wide open, anyone and everyone has access to it. When you install a fence, make sure it is high enough and extremely sturdy. When the gates are installed, put in locks that only you are able to access.

Security Signs


Putting security signs outside, make it known that your home is protected. Make sure your signs are easily seen. If you wish to take an extra step, you can install cameras as well in your yard.

Secure Outdoor Items

security fence

Make sure that any outdoor items are secure by taking some simple precautions. Keep ladders put away so that they cannot be used to access your home. Also, make sure that tools are locked in a shed or in your garage so that they cannot be stolen.

By following our tips, you will have peace of mind that your home is fully protected.  For some more great tips check out our previous blog.  Remember, should you need us, ServiceMaster Restoration is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week. We offer the best in professional water and fire mitigation services and work hard to offer you peace of mind.