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Planning a Vacation? How to Keep Your Home Safe While Away

Warm weather is here and many of you are finally taking that long-awaited vacation. Don’t let the excitement of your trip make you an easy target for theft. Peak travel time has begun and studies show that most home break-ins occur during the spring and summer seasons. Just by taking a few simple precautions, you can keep your home safe while you are gone. Experience total peace of mind and enjoy your trip to the fullest by following our tips.

Delivery of Mail

This may be the most important thing you can do. Don’t forget about your mail delivery while you are gone. Arrange with the post office to have your mail and newspapers stopped temporarily. Piled up mail and papers are a huge indicator that you are not home. If you don’t wish to have your mail or newspapers stopped, ask a friend or neighbor to pick them up for you until you get home.

Leave Your Home Looking Lived In

Invest in some light timers if you travel often, the lights will give the appearance you are home. Keep some of your curtains open when you leave. If you are going to be gone for a long time, ask a neighbor to mow your lawn and take your garbage cans for pick up. If you leave a car behind, you can keep it in the driveway. Do everything you can to make your home appear as you are there.


Take your valuables or your expensive jewelry with you on vacation, or leave them at home in a locked safe. Do not leave anything of value out in the open in the case that a burglar does get in your house. Hide or lock up anything that you would not want to be taken. Don’t get busy packing and leave forgetting to do this.

Spare Key 

Don’t ever leave a hidden key outside when you are on vacation. While you may do this for when you are home, it is not necessary to keep it there while you are gone. Anyone looking to get into your home will not have a hard time finding your key. Do not give them an easy way in!

Keep it a Secret

Social media has opened a whole new world of opportunity for people to know when you are out of town. As tempting as can be, try not to post that you are going on vacation. If you want to post pictures of your trip, wait until you are back home to do so. Be careful not to share with anyone other than your close friends that you will be out of town.

Now that you have these important tips, take the time to put them into action before you leave. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation and return home to a secured well-protected home. ServiceMaster Restoration wishes you a safe, wonderful, fun-filled vacation! We are available to help should you need any of our services. We offer nothing but the best in mitigation, remediation, restoration clean up, cleaning, and construction.