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Prevent Flooding in Your Home

Prevent Flooding in Your Home

Spring is approaching and with it comes rain. Spring showers are sure to be upon us soon. When heavy rains come, you need to pay special attention to your home, especially if you have a basement or crawl space. Heavy rain can cause flooding to these areas and create a real problem.
When it rains, most of the rain water will soak into the ground, however when rain is heavy enough the water will start accumulating above the ground. This water can seep through any cracks you have in your foundation leading to flooding.
Sometimes basements and crawl spaces are overlooked. You may not give them much thought until an issue occurs. It is important to stay proactive when it comes these areas. If your basement or crawl space becomes flooded, you could be left with some costly damage.


 Be sure your gutters are working efficiently
Position your gutters so that your downspouts are pointing away from your foundation. When it rains, keep an eye on them to be sure the water is moving away from your house. You may need to run an extension or consider other options if you see they are not doing so. Check your gutters and keep them clean of any leaves or debris so that they do not get clogged.

 Seal any cracks in the foundation
Look at your foundation on the outside and inside of your home. Inspect your basement floors and walls. Fill any cracks that you see with sealant. Also, if you see any areas outside where water can pool, fill them with dirt. If you see any major issues than you will want to call a professional for help.

• Install a sump pump
Sump pumps are used to prevent flooding in basements and crawl spaces. They can pump ground water out of the area and away from your home. These machines can be costly. Since they require a power source, you may want to use a generator when running it. Test your machine often to make sure it is working properly.

• Place covers over your window wells
If your basement has any windows you can place a cover over the well of the window. This will prevent any water or debris from pooling into them and entering your home. You can purchase clear ones if you wish so that light can still enter your basement.

If you have experience flooding in your basement or crawl space than you need to contact a water restoration company to handle your situation. Don’t take water damage into your own hands. If left untreated, water in these areas can quickly turn into mold.
Servicemaster Restoration is highly experienced in water mitigation services. Call us today and we will take care of you.
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