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What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Home

What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Home

The aftermath of a storm can be devastating, especially when it comes to your home. Storms can cause harm to your home in many different ways. It can be very upsetting trying to put your home back together after a bad storm. If you are facing storm damage, don’t be overwhelmed. Whether your damage is big or small, we are here to help you.


First, before you begin to assess your storm damage you want to be sure your home is safe to even be in or even around. If there are any live power lines that are down around the home, a smell of gas, standing water, or any other safety risks you will want to get out of your home immediately. Go to a local shelter or a hotel.

If you decide that your home is safe to stay in, don’t worry we have everything you need to know in how to proceed, follow our guidelines below.

Safety Guidelines After a Storm

-Gather emergency items that can be used during a possible power outage, such as flashlights, bottled water, canned foods, radio, blankets, etc.

-Skip using candles and only use flashlights if the power is out.

– Do not drink water from your sink until it is deemed safe.

-Stay put and do not try to drive anywhere until you have listened to the local news and find that the conditions are save.

– Do not remove any wet rugs or porous materials leave that to the professionals.

-Keep away from any fallen trees or limbs that look unsafe.

– Keep a look out for any wildlife that may have been brought near or into your home.

– If possible, take photos of your storm damage in case you need to show them to your insurance company and document damaged items in your home.

-Contact your insurance company right away so they can asses the damage and determine coverage. Many insurance companies will also recommend a restoration company that can make repairs.

-It is wise to go with your insurance company’s recommendation for a restoration company as most of these will work with your insurance carriers closely as to what is covered and what the work will cost. Be aware that those restoration companies that are are not on a program with your insurance company may expect you to pay them more than what your insurance covers.

-Do NOT sign a contract with any restoration company before checking to see if that company works with your insurance carriers. Certainly you should be very tarry of any company that says they are not on your insurance carrier’s program or who will not directly answer this question. Checking with your adjuster about the reputation of any restoration company before singing any paperwork!

Remember to check on your neighbors and be sure everyone you know is safe. A strong community is especially important during a time like this. We want you to know that ServiceMaster Restoration is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to respond to emergency situations. We are trained to handle even the worst disaster. Call us today at (704) 324-8528