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Protect Your Pets From Summer Heat

Protect Your Pets From Summer Heat

The hot days of summer are quickly approaching and for some, they have already hit. With so many fun outdoor activities going on, don’t forget to make your pet’s safety a priority. Animals can overheat quickly so keep them cool by following our simple tips.

Never Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car

Do NOT leave your pet in a hot car, even for a minute. The inside of a car can raise twenty degrees in just a few minutes reaching as high as even 120 degrees. In temperatures as extreme as this, your pet could suffer from heat stroke, organ failure, and even death. Cracking your windows will not make it better. Bring your pets inside if you are taking them in the car somewhere. 

Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure your pet’s water bowl stays full all of the time. During the summer, your furry friends need plenty of water. Animals lose water to stay cool through sweating and drooling. Drinking plenty of water will also assist them in staying cool. Keep a water bowl inside and outside, and remember to refill it with fresh water daily. 

Remember Their Paws

When walking outside, remember that the pavement gets hot. In fact, your feet can burn if you walk on it barefoot. And this means your dog or cat could burn their paws as well. Walk your dog in the grass on super hot days if you can. Also, morning and evening walks are the best for your pet in the heat.

Consider a Trim

Dog’s who have thick hair may benefit from a trim in the summer. Do not shave them completely as their fur protects them. Check with your groomer or vet if your dog has a lot of fur to see if it is a good idea.  It can help them stay more comfortable during extra hot summers. 

Make Sure They Have Shade

If your pet is outside with you and it is above 90 degrees make sure they avoid direct sunlight. Especially dogs with dark fur, who can absorb heat more quickly. Have your pet sit under a tree that provides shade, or keep them under an umbrella or overhang. 

We hope your favorite friends and you have a wonderful, safe summer!  Remember that ServiceMaster Restoration is available to you 365 days a year, 7 days a week should you need our services. We offer the best in restoration services. We work hard to offer you peace of mind. Give us a call today at (704) 324-8528.