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Protect Your Vacation Home

Protect Your Vacation Home

You love your second home but it’s more than likely that you only visit during holidays or summer weekends. Even though you may already have an alarm system setup, that isn’t enough to protect your property while you’re away. We’ve dealt with may disasters over the decades and here are three tips to keep your dream vacation home safe and sound.

1. Keep the heat and air conditioning on. Even during the summer months, excess heat can lead to the development of mold. We recommend keeping heat during the winter months at 55 degrees and in the summer up to 80 degrees.

2. Get proper insurance coverage. Meet with your insurance agent to review your coverage. Is it appropriate for the location? If you have a vacation home near the beach or near a river, you may need additional insurance to cover extreme weather.

3. Keep the lights on. Lights can deter burglars and you can still be environmentally conscious but maintain an extra layer of security. Motion detection lights are a great solution.

Here at ServiceMaster Quality Restoration, we wish everyone a fantastic summer. Don’t fear if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need Charlotte water restoration services as we’re here for you 24/7 year round.