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Make Your Fire Escape Plan Today

Are you and your family prepared for a fire emergency? October is National Fire Prevention Month. Now is the time to be sure you know what to do should a home fire occur. According to a survey by the National Fire Protection Association, only one out of three American households actually have a fire escape plan. Here are some ways to make a successful plan for safety.

• Draw a map of your house. Label all rooms, doors, and windows.
• Plan two ways to escape each room in your house. (This includes windows as well as doors).
• Go around your home and make sure all of your doors and windows can open easily.
• Make a meeting place outside where everyone knows to go. This should be a good distance away so you are safe. Put your meeting place on your written plan.
• Make sure that all doors and exits have a clear pathway with no objects in front of them.
• Practice the stop, drop, and roll method.
• Teach kids to crawl on their hands and knees should heavy smoke be in the air.
• Know where all your smoke alarms are and test them.
• When you hear the smoke alarm make sure everyone knows to get out of the home immediately. Do not go back into the home.
• Check outside and make sure that your house number is viewable for emergency personnel to see.
• Teach your children the plan and make sure they know what to do.

Lastly and most importantly, practice your fire escape plan! You should do this at least twice a year. Unfortunately, fires can spread quickly. The faster you can execute your plan, the safer you will be. After a fire occurs you will need help restoring your home. We understand how difficult a time this can be. ServiceMaster Restoration has years of experience in returning homes and offices back to normal. Please call us at 704-527-1151. Our professional technicians are ready to respond to you!