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Bonfire Safety

It’s that time again, fall is officially here. Time for crisp air, changing leaves, hot chocolate and bonfires. A good bonfire is such a fun way for friends and family to get together and enjoy a nice fall evening. Whether your roasting marshmallows or just enjoying the glow of the fire, we want you to stay safe while having fun. Follow our safety tips below to avoid any fire hazards or damage to your home.

Before the Fire…

  • When building your bonfire, chose a very large open area outside. Do not construct it anywhere near homes, sheds, trees, fences, nothing should be close by. A bonfire should be 50 feet away from any structure.

  • Make sure there is nothing above your bonfire like cables or power lines.

  • Use only dry materials to burn in your fire such as untreated wood or materials made of paper. This will reduce the emission of smoke.

  • If you have neighbors, alert them beforehand that you are having a bonfire.

  • Do not throw anything in the fire, make sure none of your guests do as well.

  • Never use flammable liquid or gas to start a bonfire, this can be dangerous.

Hand stoking a fire with a branch

During the Fire…

  • Never leave your bonfire! Always keep watch over it.

  • Make sure that children and pets do not get too close to the fire.

  • Have a hose or some buckets of water nearby in case of an emergency.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

  • Stay on top of your fire and make sure it stays at a size that is manageable.

  • Do not wear loose clothes, wear gloves when you are working with the fire.

burning logs on a fire

When the Fire is Over…

  • Let your wood burn out into ashes. Make sure they cool off for while before leaving.

  • You can pour water over your bonfire until all ashes and embers are fully put out. Make sure to cover everything so that it is fully wet and there is no heat left.

  • Keep watch over the area for a while after the fire to make sure there are no flammable embers still left that the wind could reignite.

  • Dispose of ashes safely.

We hope you will follow our safety tips this fall should you decide to have a bonfire. Your safety is our top priority. Remember should you ever need any of our services ServiceMaster Restoration is here for you 24/7, 365 days a week. With years of experience in fire and smoke restoration, we are known for our consistency, speed, and high standard of customer service. Call us today at (704) 324-8528.