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Too Much “Stuff” is a Serious Fire Hazard

Hoarding can be caused by various stressors in someone’s life; however, its effects are almost always devastating, and they often pose a threat to overall home safety. One of the most prominent safety hazards that comes with hoarding disorder is risk of home fires.

firefighter putting out a fire The New York Times published an article about the seriousness of hoarding as a health hazard. The piece discussed how cluttered areas not only increase the likelihood of homes catching flame (especially paper products or certain chemicals), but hoarders’ homes also prevent firefighters from safely removing hoarder from his or her home and putting out the fire. Indeed, it is evident that the more “stuff” you have packed in one area, the higher risk your home is of having a fire.

Many first-responding agencies – including fire and police departments – are coordinating with public health professionals to educate the public about the dangers of hoarding. If you live in a highly cluttered area, or if you know someone who is a hoarder, contact ServiceMaster Quality Restoration today. We are experts in hoarder cleanup, and we assure you that we’ll restore your home and make it a safe place for you to live.