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Are Eagan Residents Ready for Spring Weather?


Every state has experienced various degrees of winter weather this season. The West Coast dealt with storms very early on and the Southeast had an onslaught of ice storms. Meteorological Spring is March 1st, but there is still potential for some winter weather in parts of the United States. ServiceMaster DSI will break down what spring weather will look like in the Eagan region.

Winter to linger over Midwest

While winter took its time coming into the Midwest, once we hit the New Year, the weather pattern took a drastic turn. With record-breaking snowfalls and subzero temperatures, this year will develop into a “reverse spring” according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Colder temperatures will hold on past the vernal equinox, March 20th. The cold and potential snowfall is projected to last one to two weeks longer than the previous spring seasons, having a great impact on the farmers in the Midwest with planting on the horizon.

Flooding Risks

There is a great chance of severe in storms mid to late spring. Coupled with the melting snow, this will create the perfect environment for floods in the Eagan area. The model below shows the areas of the United States with the greatest risk of flooding during the spring season


Source - AccuWeather Spring Article

Severe Weather

Minnesota will hold onto winter longer than most of the midwest states. It is predicted there could be one to two more big snowstorms during meteorological Spring before temperatures trend upward. While Minnesota doesn’t fall within the traditional Tornado Alley, it is still likely that it will experience severe thunderstorms throughout the spring season. Below is a model showing most of Minnesota’s threats for spring thunderstorms

minnesota spring thunderstorm model

Source - AccuWeather Spring Article

If you experience property damage due to severe spring weather, the trained technicians of ServiceMaster DSI are ready to help. With 24/7/365 emergency response teams, ServiceMaster DSI is ready to restore peace of mind to the Eagan area. Call 651-797-0950 today.