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Spring 2022 weather outlook: What can Charlotte residents expect?

The year 2022 may have started with winter storms impacting North Carolina residents three weekends in a row, but don’t expect the snow or cold to last much longer. As spring weather comes into Charlotte and Stallings, NC, the chance for severe storms will increase -- and it’s best to be prepared.

Spring 2022 officially begins on the static meteorological calendar March 1, while the astronomical calendar – or the season based on the position of Earth’s orbit in relation to the sun – blooms on March 20. The season doesn’t wrap up until June 21 on the astronomical calendar, so there’s ample opportunity for a wide range of weather conditions in the Charlotte area.

Additionally, La Niña is expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring. A transition to ENSO-neutral isn’t favored until at least May, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). La Niña continues to be the major driver of the predicted climate during March, April and most of May 2022.

Keeping you on your toes

Mother Nature always has a way of keeping us on the ball, and 2022 will likely be no exception. Although many parts of the country may be slow to warm this spring, the National Weather Service’s long-lead temperature outlook favors above-normal seasonal temperatures from the Southwest, across the Central and Southern Plains to most of the eastern half of the contiguous U.S.



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Source: National Weather Service / NOAA


Severe weather ahead

As for severe weather season, forecasters expect it to hit early and hit hard. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and unseasonable tropical hurricanes will all likely start as early as the end of February.

April will likely be the busiest month for tornadoes across the U.S, with more than 200 twisters projected to touch down in one month alone. This is more than double the number of tornadoes reported last April. Notably, many of these storms are expected to take place outside of the traditional “Tornado Alley.”


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Source: AccuWeather

Early tropical storms

Parts of North Carolina, South Carolina and northern Florida have been in a period of drought, and this is predicted to linger.

The exception? An early tropical storm system.

Hurricane season doesn’t technically start until June 1, but meteorologists with AccuWeather say pre-season tropical systems aren’t out of the ordinary and may be on the way this spring. Every year since 2015, a named storm has developed in either April or May and impacted the mainland, as residents of the Carolinas and Florida will well remember.

Preparing for storm damage

Spring weather might be a toss-up, but preparing for it is not. Ensure you are properly prepared before a tornado, flood or hurricane strikes. The most important thing is to equip yourself so the effects of a storm don’t paralyze you in their aftermath. Keep flashlights and other essential supplies in a secure area and make sure your generator is fueled and operational as your area recovers from storm damage.

Whether you experience flooding, tornadoes or hurricanes this season, ServiceMaster DSI has you covered. With 24/7/365 disaster restoration services, we’re ready to respond in your time of need. Call ServiceMaster DSI anytime at 704- 324-8528 for storm damage cleanup, water mitigation and mold remediation services in Stallings and Charlotte, NC.