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Hoarding Cleaning Services in Chico

Do you know someone who is living in an uninhabitable, hoarded home? You likely know it would be next to impossible to clean out the property by yourself if the home is filled from floor to ceiling with clutter and debris. Not only that, but the person who hoarded the house likely has great difficulty accepting that most of the house is filled with mostly trash rather than treasures.

Hoarding is a recognized mental health condition that causes an individual to obsessively acquire and keep items, even if they are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Typically, the hoarder has underlying mental health problems like mental trauma that led them to hoard as a dysfunctional coping mechanism and the collecting is only a manifestation of their mental anguish.

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Chico, we are accustomed to working with hoarders. Our highly qualified hoarding cleanup team in Chico is respectful and works with discretion while providing needed guidance in clearing out a residence impacted by the threats of hoarding, such as pest infestations, rodents, dust accumulation, sharp objects, falling objects, mold growth, foul odors, and other complex problems that make the home dangerous to inhabit. Our team will work to help clean up the property and bring it back to a livable condition so the hoarder can begin the healing process.

We Help Families Heal from Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding isn’t fixed overnight, but cleaning out a hoarded home works wonders for making progress against the condition. Our team understands how sensitive a hoarding cleanup job is for most families, and how it can stir up negative emotions like embarrassment or shame. Rest assured we have seen many homes in various stages of hoarding and we are prepared for anything. We use personal protective equipment like hazmat suits and respirators, as well as industrial-grade cleaning solutions, while restoring these homes. We always recommend enlisting the help of professionals for hoarding cleanup, simply due to the magnitude of the job at hand and because of the health hazards these scenes pose.

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