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Commercial Damaged Documents Drying and Restoration Services in Wichita

Damaged Document Cleaning, Drying & Restoration

Smoke or water damaged papers, books and bindings, films and x-ray s, deteriorate very quickly, so a quick, timely and appropriate recovery protocol is of utmost importance to stop the progression of damage that these materials may incur. The protection of what are often highly valuable and irreplaceable documents is the key in saving them.

At ServiceMaster by Best, our technicians are able to quickly identify the best recovery method necessary for a particular item and its material. After determining the value of the documents or the item and the amount of damage, its restoration process is determined. This is done by recommending the most viable options for restoration. Under certain circumstances freezing documents can drastically reduce the time and cost of restoration. Freeze drying may also prevents the need for page separation processes and other costly corrective procedures and processes.

Document technicians are trained in information and recovery processes and are up to date on the advanced techniques available. Since there are many techniques such as vacuum freeze drying, microbial disinfecting and remediation, deodorization, soot and odor removal, etc. Using such techniques enables the technicians to quickly restore damaged documents and items either on site, or for when necessary items are restored in our secure locations.

Cleaning & Restoring Documents:

Our technicians are trained on the many of the most advanced techniques available for cleaning and restoring documents and other items; and ensuring that our customers always receive a quick and cost5 effective response.

Some of these techniques that are applied are (but not limited to):

  • HEPA Vacuuming
  • Dry Sponge Cleaning
  • Brushes and Dry Erasers Restoration
  • Microbial Growth Remediation
  • Drying & Restoring Documents

ServiceMaster project managers recommend the drying method depending on a number of factors.

  • The type of documents to be dried,
  • The number of documents to be restored,
  • The state of the materials being considered for restoration,
  • The sensitivity of the items damaged
  • Also the clients need and access the documents.

Once some of these criteria have been determined and established, a number of restoration techniques can be started. Drying is performed by various methods such as:

  • Desiccant air drying,
  • Freeze drying,
  • Vacuum thermal drying, etc.

To learn more about our commercial water damage restoration services, reach out to our team today!

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