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  • Why You Should NOT Use Bleach to Kill Mold Mold is an issue that every homeowner wants to avoid. Not only can it be dangerous to your health but it can be costly to get rid of. You may wonder if you can do the remediation yourself and if so, what cleaners you should use. If you scour the internet, one of the first ... Continue Reading
  • How to Prevent Mold On the Exterior of Your Home Mold on the siding of your home not only looks bad but it can actually be bad for your health and cause damage to your home. Even though it is outside, don’t assume it is harmless. Mold usually grows on the sides of your home that are not exposed to a lot of sunlight. Dirt, ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Signs of Mold in Your Home Is mold hiding in your home? Could you have a possible mold problem and not even know? Not one person would wish this nasty fungus in their home, unfortunately, sometimes mold in your home cannot be seen or easily found. Sadly, mold can grow in places that are hidden. Areas ... Continue Reading
  • Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom Prevent Mold in Your Bathroom Your bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. A room that holds moisture and heat, it provides just the right conditions. Simply taking a shower or bath creates moisture for mold to thrive in. Fortunately we can help you to ... Continue Reading