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Salvaging At-Risk Materials With Professional Soot Removal in Springfield, MO

A worry for most building owners is the risk of a structure fire, a disaster with numerous sources including anything from lit cigarettes to electrical failures. The dangers of a building fire should be made aware to anyone operating a building, but there are other threats that come in the aftermath of an ignited structure. Soot and smoke damage are a symptom of any building fire that can severely damage many materials long after a fire is put out. For comprehensive treatment when it comes to fire cleanup in your building, ServiceMaster DSI provides professional soot removal in Springfield, MO.

In many buildings, there are several types of materials that are considered at-risk when it comes to soot.

Marble is a common material used for cosmetic aspects of building interiors, such as countertops, tiles, pillars, and decorative styling. While marble is often considered a classic choice in design, it’s also one of the softest natural stones available. This lack of durability allows the acidic qualities of soot and smoke to etch, stain, and discolor marble over time.

Porcelain often provides a similar look to marble, especially in small-tiled designs, and it is much more durable than marble in the long-term. However, the clarity and slight porousness of high-quality porcelain can easily accumulate stains and discoloring from exposure to soot without immediate treatment.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc commonly used for its shine and rich golden color. Normal brass alloys are not treated to withstand environments containing extremely corrosive qualities, such as those in acidic and abrasive soot particles.

Aluminum is a naturally soft, lightweight metal. Even aluminum alloys do not have the strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Although aluminum is used in many structural applications for buildings and decor today, it still is susceptible to the damages soot exposure can impose over time.

Chrome, while often used in plating and steel alloys for its resistance to corrosion, can become a brittle material when exposed to high heat. Pure chromium is a naturally-hard, yet brittle, element. After a building fire, exposed materials using chromium may be in danger of further damage from soot and smoke particles.

All of these at-risk materials in your home or business can be saved from damage with our comprehensive fire damage restoration and soot removal in Springfield, MO. Contact ServiceMaster DSI at 800.954.9444 for more information.