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Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services in Cedar Rapids

Comprehensive Water Mitigation & Repair Services to Restore Your Business

After experiencing flooding, a plumbing leak, a leaky roof, any broken plumbing lines, drain sewage backup, or a sump-pump failure, it’s important to have the water removed, moisture dried, and damage repaired as soon as possible.

Getting water damage services immediately will help prevent all kinds of damage, including mold growth and other unsafe conditions that may threaten to close your business.

The team at ServiceMaster by Rice - Cedar Rapids is here to handle your property’s water damage, regardless of the cause, size of the damage, or size of your business. We’ll work quickly to locate the cause of your damage and create a restoration action plan that’ll ensure you’ll be able to get back to business in no time!

For professional water mitigation and repair, reach out to our restoration experts today!Contact us online or call(319) 552-6329 to get started.

What’s Included in Water Damage Restoration?

After commercial water damage restoration services, you’ll have your property completely restored to its pre-loss conditions, all moisture dried to prevent future problems down the road, and the confidence that your environment is safe for your employees and customers to return to.

Our water damage restoration process is simple and includes:

  • Damage Assessment – Once we arrive, we’ll complete a full inspection of your property, uncovering hidden damage and gathering information to create a restoration action plan.
  • Water Mitigation – We’ll get started on water mitigation as soon as possible, reducing the spread of damage throughout your business and removing any standing water.
  • Content Drying – When water has been removed, we’ll pack up and take salvageable equipment, documents, and other content away to be dried and restored.
  • Damage Repairs – Before we’re done, we’ll ensure all your damaged materials are removed from your business, proper repairs and reconstruction are completed, and your property is completely restored to normal.

Fast action can help you minimize the costs of your water damage clean-up and repairs and minimize the amount of downtime your business has to undergo, but it’s important to always skip DIY water damage repair. Without the help of a professional, you may be leaving hidden moisture behind that’ll lead to mold growth and future problems for your business.

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

Water damage restoration can be a tricky and time-consuming process, but is necessary to mitigate further damage and risks to your property and health.

It typically takes several days to dry out water-damaged affected areas; however, restoring the water-damaged property and rebuilding any structural damages takes much longer. It can average anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on the extent of water damage done and how much of your property was affected.

To ensure maximum safety and correct water removal and water damage restoration, it's best to contact a professional water damage restoration expert. Our team will keep you updated on the timeline for your project throughout the restoration process.

We’re Locally Owned & Backed by a Team with 65+ Years of Experience

We rely on a proven process that has been used to recover countless homes in Cedar Rapids and the nearby areas, as well as provide service to thousands of customers in need of water damage restoration services across the United States for more than 65 years.

ServiceMaster’s decades of experience and their commitment to high standards ensure that we can provide you with the best level of service possible.

Give our Cedar Rapid water damage restoration professionals a call at(319) 552-6329 orcontact us online for help today!