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ServiceMaster of Rochester Provides Tips For Live Christmas Trees

Each year in the Winter months, fire risk goes up exponentially in our homes due to dry air. One source of many fires around the holidays is a live Christmas Tree. ServiceMaster of Rochester provides these tips for having a live Christmas tree in your home.

First, let’s look at the hazard numbers. The National Fire Protection Association has found that nearly one-third of Christmas tree fires happen in January. Furthermore, one in 52 reported home fires from Christmas Trees result in death.

ServiceMaster provides a few key steps to preventing your Christmas tree from ruining your holiday.

  1. Make sure that any cords use for the tree or around the tree are free from breaks, tears, or exposed wiring.
  2. Keep water and electricity separate… do not allow the cords to lay in the water bucket under the tree.
  3. Trim the tree trunk to give it direct access to water.
  4. Water the tree and check water levels daily.
  5. Do not allow heat sources to be near the tree.
  6. Remove your tree from the house before it dries out.

The National Fire Protection Association provides a great video that shows the difference between a tree that is cared for properly and one that is not. You can view this short video using this link: “Christmas Tree Fires”

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