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Commercial Cigarette Smoke Restoration

How to Remove Cigarette Smell from House?

Tobacco smoke doesn’t only result in a long-lasting smell in your home or business, it can also lead to a yellowish-brown film on your walls, ceiling, and possessions. Worse, this smoke can contain dozens of cancer-causing compounds, which will not only affect the smoker but non-smokers as well. Ridding your property of this odor will not only make your business look better, but it may also eliminate any health risks.

Though professional cleaning is the best option to fully rid your property of tobacco smoke odors, there are a few things you can do to minimize the smell:

  • Keep your windows open when the weather permits
  • If you still smoke, do so outside
  • Use an air purifier to continually filter your air

If you are a business owner that allowed smoking in your facility, this smell could potentially
turn away prospective customers or clients. Simply washing the floors and wiping down the walls won’t do the trick. In order to fully banish that unappealing odor from your home or business once and for all, you need to rely on a team of experts who have the advanced tools, products, and processes to deeply clean your property.

Does Cigar Smoke Linger?

Yes; cigar smoke often hangs around long after the cigar has been extinguished. The average cigar burns far longer than a cigarette, usually lasting for at least 45 minutes. You will probably notice a strong cigar smell in your house or business if anyone has been smoking cigars indoors. Fortunately, removing a cigar smell in your home or building is possible. It just takes professional care. ServiceMaster Restore can remove cigar odors that have accumulated even over many years.

Contact Us for Advanced Tobacco Smoke Cleaning Solutions

Years of smoking cigarettes or cigars in a home or business can lead to a deeply embedded smell that can be very tough to get rid of. If you're anxious to get rid of the residual odor left behind by old habits, turn to the team at ServiceMaster Restore®. We are a commercial restoration company that specializes in cigarette smoke cleaning services for businesses.

Our expert restoration experts have advanced tools and techniques that are designed to rid the walls, floors, and contents of your home of this stubborn smell. We’ll make your business look, feel, and smell like a cigarette or cigar was never lit.