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Commercial Weather Damage Restoration in Williston

Ensure a Quick Recovery for Your Business After Flooding, High Winds, & Storm Damage

With little to no warning, Burlington's weather can damage your business. Not only is this troublesome for the future of your business, but the damage can also put your employees and customers at risk if not dealt with soon enough.

When you call ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Williston for help, we'll be by your side as soon as possible to provide you and your team with the proper guidance and reassurance needed in these stressful times.

Whether your business has become flooded from heavy rainfall, your roof has a leak due to high winds, or other damage has happened because of a Burlington storm, we're here – we can handle everything you need to get your business back up and running quickly.

What Kind of Damage Does Weather Leave Behind?

Depending on the amount of rain, speed of the wind, and other specific weather conditions, your property damage can look different from someone else's. The damage left behind can be severe, especially if not dealt with quickly and correctly.

Water Damage from Leaks

During storms, water can force its way through your business's plumbing system. If plumbing problems are already present, the damage will only worsen. Increased pressure will lead to burst pipes and leaky joints – all of which can introduce dozens and dozens of gallons of water in your business.

Hail, winds over 70 mph, fallen trees, large volumes of rainwater, and more can also contribute to weakening your commercial building's roof, which will eventually result in a leak. Roof leaks will damage attics and ceilings after some time, eventually leading directly into your business.

Water Damage from Flooding

During severe weather events, the storm drains found on the street and throughout your property can become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of water or clogged by various types of debris, including leaves, rocks, sticks, and trash.

Once drains are clogged, the stormwater has only one place to go – into your business. It'll fill any basement spaces and the other lower levels of your building and will need to be cleaned up right away. Flooding will damage flooring, walls, electrical systems, plumbing systems, foundations, and more, all while presenting a major health and safety concern to everyone in your business.

Mold Damage from Water Damage

While storms don't directly bring mold into your business, they can activate mold growth if water damage isn't dealt with quickly or restoration isn't thorough. Mold can grow on a damp surface in as little as 48 hours after a storm. Trusting a professional with water mitigation and damage restoration will help you prevent mold growth of any kind!

Fire & Smoke Damage

Thunderstorms and lightning strikes can easily cause fire damage. Even if the fire doesn't directly start in your business, nearby fire and smoke residue will float into your business's HVAC system, leading to an unbreathable and uncomfortable environment.

How Can I Reduce Property Damage from Storms?

Storm damage is not easy to recover from – especially when you're still responsible for directing your team and running your business in Burlington.

To reduce the amount of financial and physical loss your business takes, be sure to:

Board-Up Your Business

Whether a window has broken or there's a hole in your roof, ensure your business is protected from theft and future weather damage by using tarps, boards, and other elements of protection. Our team will come equipped with everything needed for this.

Request Professional Help

As soon as weather damage is spotted, turn to ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Williston for help. Acting quickly is your best chance to reduce the damage that occurs within your business. Our team of professional restoration experts in Burlington are committed to working quickly to assess the damage and start an action plan to get things back to normal in no time.

Don't delay – give us a call at (802) 551-3555 to request your Burlington storm damage restoration services from ServiceMaster Restoration Services - Williston today.