Commercial Appliance Leaks Clean-Up Services

Appliances in commercial buildings can leak because of aging materials, improper connections or ruptured hoses. A single water leak can result in costly damage to your property, and if repairs are delayed, can cause mold to develop and potentially spread throughout your building. Whether you experience a minor leak or a major flood, our 24-hour emergency services ensure that any damage incurred is minimized and dealt with quickly, saving you time and money.


You can minimize damage and control restoration costs by taking fast, corrective action at any signs of a failure. Common sources of leaks include:

  • Ruptured supply lines & poor maintenance
  • Age, improper installation & appliance failure

Take prompt corrective action to minimize damage and control restoration costs

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, ServiceMaster Restore, is on call to quickly respond to your situation and provide expert restoration service and guidance. We'll help minimize business interruption, work to keep your doors open during the process and get you, your employees and your customers back to business as quickly as possible.

Find out more on how we can help remediate mold after water damage.

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