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Commercial Restoration Specialty Services

We Can Handle All Your Unique Restoration Needs

When people think of restoration services, they generally attribute damages to natural disasters or weather events. However, there are a wide variety of other reasons why your business may sustain damages. ServiceMaster Restore® is here to provide the restoration services you need whenever any problems arise. Our specialty restoration services cover a wide variety of repairs you may require.

ServiceMaster Restore offers specialty restoration services tailored to the needs of your business. Contact us now to see how we can help.

These restoration services include:

When one of these or another unforeseen disaster strikes your business, our team will help you minimize your downtime and get back up and running as quickly as possible. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to restore your business to its previous state.


You can’t control when a natural disaster happens, when a vandal paints graffiti on your property, or when your sewage main backs up, but you do have control over what happens next. The first steps you take after a disaster can be the difference between your business’ survival or ruin.

Commercial restoration companies are one of the first responders to come to your aid when your business is damaged by fire, flood, water damage, or another unexpected disaster. They clean up the mess, preserve your assets, and protect your property from any further damage.

When your business is damaged, the first thing you should do is call your insurance agent. They will guide you on next steps and recommend restoration management services near you.

When they arrive on-site, the disaster restoration company will walk through your building, discuss with you what needs to be cleaned and repaired and what services need to be performed, and then start on restoration. If you already have a disaster recovery plan in place, they will execute it for you.


Working with a professional disaster restoration company near you can greatly mitigate how much damage is done to your property and how much it disrupts your business.

That way, you can bounce back sooner and more smoothly than if you were to manage the repairs yourself, and can shorten the recovery period by months.

A commercial restoration company can:

  • Respond to the damage quickly

  • Help you implement your business disaster recovery plan, if you have one

  • Prevent further damage from bad weather, burglary, vandalism or natural disasters

  • See hidden damage to your business that you can’t immediately see - things like like mold or water damage - and take steps to repair it

  • Salvage whatever assets can be saved

  • Help you navigate the insurance claims process

  • Protect your company’s most important records and documents

Your business can be affected by damage, disasters, accidents or just commonplace bad luck of the kind that affects small business owners like you every day. When that happens, ServiceMaster Restore is here to help you get back on your feet!

Ready for Anything

There are a wide variety of emergencies that can arise for a business, and many of them can cause unique damage or destruction to your business. Our expert team is ready for it all. Each of our team members is trained and certified to handle the most complex problems, including biological contamination, and we always adhere to any applicable codes and regulations.

Always Here for You

Our specialty restoration services also include reconstruction services. We are fully prepared to get your property back to like-new condition. Prior to the reconstruction, we will first respond quickly and begin by boarding or tarping up your property to protect it from further damage. We’ll then work closely with you to understand everything you need.

Comprehensive Damage Restoration Services

ServiceMaster Restore is a trusted commercial restoration company that offers comprehensive damage and emergency restoration services. We provide quality service to businesses of all sizes, from small local stores to large multi-national corporations. Our goal is to help you get back in business quickly after the unexpected happens, with professional, efficient solutions tailored for your needs.

We offer both immediate response and long-term recovery options depending on the extent of disaster or water damage at hand so we can meet any challenge head on. From flooding caused by broken pipes or severe weather events such as hurricanes; our certified technicians are equipped with the latest technologies needed for complete structural drying and repair work, ensuring minimal disruption time due to disasters like fire or smoke damages.

Reliable Restoration Services Near You

ServiceMaster Restore is a full-service property restoration company that provides both residential and commercial building restoration services. Whether it’s fire damage, water damage from flooding or mold growth removal, we have the expertise to help get your home back in shape quickly. We understand how difficult times can be when disaster strikes, so let us provide you with peace of mind, knowing our experienced staff will handle all aspects of restoring your property correctly and efficiently every step of the way.

With ServiceMaster Restore as your go-to local provider for emergency response needs, finding reliable restorations services near you has never been easier! Our team works around the clock providing fast initial assessments and timely completion on any size project while maintaining quality workmanship throughout each phase; ensuring minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction at an affordable price point no matter where you live!

Contact a restoration specialist

ServiceMaster Restore is backed by a name with over 65 years of experience and has helped countless business owners with their specialty commercial restorations. When an emergency occurs, we want our customers to know they can always turn to us for immediate assistance. We are business owners ourselves and understand the stress and trauma you feel when your business is damaged. Our expert team will be there to provide peace of mind at every step of the restoration process.