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Pre-Loss Minneapolis Disaster Planning Services

Disasters can be unpredictable, but where’s even more unpredictable is the potential damage your property could sustain. You shouldn’t be without a trusted partner to help you, your employees, and your business get back to normal after severe weather, mold infestation, or flooding. Fortunately, at ServiceMaster of Minneapolis, we’re here to help reduce the damage to your Minneapolis business.

Our commercial restoration company specializes in pre-loss planning, business continuity plans, and emergency management plans. The team in Minnesota will support you in designing an emergency preparedness plan for your business in Minneapolis that reduce complete loss and permanent closures.

How Can Your Small Business Prepare for Natural Disasters?

The best way to recover from a natural disaster is to prepare for it before it happens. You can’t control when or if natural disasters strike, but small business disaster planning will minimize the harm it causes to your business when it does.

Here are some of the key items to include in your business disaster planning checklist:

  • Know what disasters affect your area: Our area is prone to blizzards at least twice a year, so we can help you plan accordingly. Knowing the potential disasters you’re most likely to face is the first step in creating a disaster response plan.
  • Create a disaster response plan: Complete routine audits of your security systems, identify any potential vulnerabilities, and plan disaster drills, so all your personnel know what to do.
  • Establish a communication plan: Have an updated list of emergency personal numbers, your insurance information, processes to follow, and how employees will be updated during the disaster (phone, email, and social). Store this information somewhere you can access it quickly.
  • Backup important documents and data: Scan your most important business documents and records, and keep them on an external hard drive offsite at a different location, or a cloud-based storage system.
  • Have an evacuation plan: Plot out your evacuation routes, keep emergency exit signs well-lit and clearly marked, and designate safe outdoor meeting areas in case of a disaster where you and your personnel can be accounted for until first responders arrive.
  • Create an emergency kit: Assuming you could be without power or running water for a few days at least, have a kit on standby with a first aid kit consisting of extra batteries, non-perishable food, and bottled water.
  • Review your insurance coverage: Review your insurance policy and make sure you know what your deductibles are and what you're covered for if a natural disaster damages your business. Each policy covers something different, so make sure that your policy covers things like water damage, fire, earthquake damage, and other business disruptions.

Peace of mind can be hard to come by after a natural or natural disaster, but with our Minneapolis restoration professionals on your side, you’ll get a customized plan that helps minimize loss, keep your doors open, repair the damage, and help anticipate any future commercial destruction. Regardless of the severity of the damage, we thoroughly assess the situation and help you recover.

Call (612) 688-4497 or contact us online to get the restoration support you deserve.